​*All paintings are oil on canvas. Sizes of displayed works average 3o to 48 inches. 

      Growing up in Queens NY, raising her family on Long Island, then moving to New Hope PA. Edith arrived in Avon CT in 2006. She continues her involvement in the art community by painting, teaching, writing and exhibiting.

      Edith's paintings Meditations on Nature  evolved out of her engagement with her surroundings in CT. This work explores her thoughts about the function of nature as a physical process and its spiritual implications. 

      “Nature is my inspiration originating with my observation of the woodland pond behind my studio where I witness the primordial architecture of this raw environment. Reflected clouds, plants, and wildlife change shape and intertwine in the shifting water, conflating reality and illusion. I combine impressionist with expressionist techniques to contrast the transparent and textural physicality of the paint, and I choose color themes that will produce specific atmospheres. I arrange rhythmic line and forms so as to generate the sensation of movement. My compositions involve static tension set within ongoing motion. Our human nature undergoes the same cyclical process of creation, survival and death. Our life experience incurs periods of waiting stress knowing that the movement of changing circumstances will determine our fate. Overall my work plays out of my fascination with the mysterious nature of reality.” 

      Edith Skiba LaMonica has a BA in Drawing and Painting from SUNY Empire State College and MA in Art History from SUNY at Stony Brook. She taught Art History, Studio and Design at The College of New Jersey Trenton, Empire State College NY, and Suffolk Community College NY. She gives art enrichment classes for the Bend in the River Program Tunxis Community College. In addition her career experience includes producing and curating exhibitions, event production, art direction, set design and writing press.

Exhibited at the Heckscher and Islip Art Museums LI NY. Represented by ARTWORKS Gallery of The Philadelphia Museum of Art 2003-2009. Collections include The Univ of PA Hospital and UCONN Health Center. Featured reviews include Newsday LI NY, the New Hope Gazette PA, the Beacon Trenton NJ, the Spotlight in the New Britain Museum of American Art Bulletin.

The Object as Process and the Sublime in the Abstract Expressionist Landscapes of Joan Mitchell.  (c)Edith Skiba LaMonica 1997. Stony Brook Univ Press. 

Fine Art Paintings and Commissions

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